Promensil is a natural, clinically trialled alternative to HRT, utilizing a patented formula standardised to four major isoflavones, rich in natural plant estrogen, which mimics the effect of naturally occurring estrogen in your body simply topping up in small dosage declining estrogen levels. This in turn helps the hormone estrogen to be active in your body again. Trials have shown no increase in breast density, no increase in endometrial thickening, and no change in liver function. Plus Promensil does not cause weight gain and does not contain Black Cohosh. Estrogen is a protective hormone which helps maintain normal bone, brain, cardiovascular and heart health. As estrogen levels decline during and post menopause women may become more vulnerable to heart conditions, higher cholesterol levels, stroke, dementia, alzheimers and weak, brittle and broken bones. Promensil’s unique, clincially proven formula, rich in natural phyo-estrogens continues to aid and support women’s health during and post menopause.

What, exactly, does Promensil do?


Clinical Studies done with Promensil Double Strength ADDRESSES the following Menopause symptoms:

 – Hot Flushes
 – Night Sweats
 – Mild Anxiety

 As well as

 – Sleep Quality
 – Dry Skin
 – Libido
 – Quality of Life

I want to know more please! Where can I find it?